This site is has been constructed to chronicle the repairs and restoration of my 1987 VW 16V Scirocco affectionately called Mia.

I picked her up from an auto-Xer Near Fort Myers,Fl Just before Christmas of 2016. She (Mia) won 2 local auto-X championships As well as a host of local events.  When I purchased her, she had only done 10k miles in the last 9.5 years. As a result, many of her on-board systems have failed. No heater core, AC, interior blower motor,horn or radio and speakers. Broken water temperature gauge, sunroof, etc... Not to mention a whole host of running issues that need sorting.

I purchased her because she has what looks to be a rot free shell.  My plans include larger brakes, a 1.8T swap from an Audi TT or VW New interior,(Non VW inspired) Paint, Rims and more suspension work.

Lets get started, there's a metric shit ton of work to get done!


About my 87 16v Scirocco