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My Restoration


This site contains links & articles located within the pages of  VWVortex and other resources around the web. The links and information listed on this site are gathered for the benefit of you as well as an away from home resource for myself.  Some of the information on this site maybe incorrect or misleading as most of this information comes from forums. Meaning some of the information comes from others experiences, conjecture, memory or other sources than the factory manual.  Don't be a complete asshat! Make sure to buy and read a copy of the Bentley Manual for your year/model. I'm not an any way responsible for your misinterpretation of the information contained within these pages. Meaning if you blow your shit up, dont wine to me, I don't wanna here it! Sympathy is located somewhere between shit and syphilis in the Websters. (Shoulda bought the Manual)

If you need to get in touch with me for help/information, contact me at the link below.

(oh wait, there is no link, sod off than!)